City of Palm Coast Invites Residents to “Imagine 2050”

We received a press release from the city of Palm Coast in mid-September in regard to a new city initiative which they are calling Imagine 2050. What’s it all about? The city leaders want Palm Coast residents to provide input to help shape the future of our community.
It’s envisioned as a comprehensive plan update that will have a direct hand in the destiny of Palm Coast. This is each resident’s chance to make their mark and create a city that reflects their dreams and aspirations.
In simple terms, a comprehensive plan is like a road map for the future of our city. It’s a big-picture plan that helps guide how Palm Coast grows and develops over the years. Imagine 2050 will serve as our community’s blueprint, outlining what residents want the city to look like in the year 2050 and how the city will get there.
Imagine having a say in the parks you visit, the roads you drive on, the schools your children attend, and so much more. These events are your opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process that will shape our city’s destiny.
But the experience doesn’t stop there. There is a whole calendar of engaging events and activities planned in the coming months to ensure that residents’ voices are heard.
City leaders, planners, and staff members will be present to listen, learn, and take notes. The input received will help shape the policies and projects that will guide Palm Coast’s growth for decades to come.
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