Community Cats Of Palm Coast Helps The City

Spring is upon us, and that means nature will take its course. The local wildlife comes back out of the underbrush to greet us on our drive home. In some parts of Palm Coast, it’s cats specifically. And as much as we would love to scoop up some of these fur babies, not everyone has the means or space to house them all. This is where Community Cats of Palm Coast comes in to do the necessary cat care.
Founded by Elizabeth Robinson, this is the only cat specific rescue organization that operates in Flagler County with the goal of reducing the homeless cat population in Flagler County.
They have since grown to become the largest foster-based cat rescue service in the county and they provide a chance for cats and kittens to live their lives as beloved pets, and humanely lowers the number of local stray and feral cats through spray/neuter and trap, neuter, and return (TNR) efforts.
These TNR efforts help the community by stabilizing the feral population and, over time, reducing it. It ceases the territorial behavior of male strays as well as prevents female strays from going into heat. It enables the feral, or otherwise outdoor, cats to live comfortably without being forced to add stress to the ecosystem of our neighborhoods with fresh kittens that require more than can be provided.
These are services they can provide regularly. Community Cats partner with Animal Control and the city in locating and trapping feral cats, as well as accepting surrendered pets and caring for the sick and injured ones reported throughout the city.
These surrender pets find foster homes through the Community Cats’s foster network and have a new home found for them. As for the sick ones, no time is wasted. They receive a full vet exam and are given all required immunizations and care to address any sicknesses or infections they might have picked up while exposed to the elements.
Despite their association with the city and the county, they receive zero government funding and rely entirely on donations. All accepted donations are cash either in person or through their website as well physical items dropped off for resale in their thrift store. Readers can donate and show their support to this group by visiting their thrift store at 160 Cypress Point Parkway.
Log on to their website for more information and upcoming events, such as a photo contest for their 2024 calendar. Their volunteer opportunities include trapping, foster, outreach, fundraising, administration, socializing, and caretaking. Add your name to their donor wall today.