United We Art Aims to Unite Art Scene Efforts Here

A new non-profit organization, United We Art, has recently launched in Palm Coast with a purpose; bring together the City of Palm Coast, the arts community, and residents by establishing an arts district in Town Center.
Town Center, a mixed-use cityscape of businesses, entertainment, and housing, is the ideal place to host performances, displays, creative expressions, and more.
The groundwork for this movement was set by the Palm Coast Arts Foundation (PCAF). “Our mission echoes the sentiments of unity and creativity. We aim to foster economic vitality and offer unparalleled cultural experiences through a harmonious blend of art, education, and commerce,” remarked Lisa Love, President and CEO of United We Art. This initiative resonates with the City of Palm Coast’s 2022 Strategic Plan, which emphasizes a resilient local economy.
“Though we’re passionate about elevating Palm Coast’s art scene, our role is one of planning and vision. The actual event coordination will be overseen by the city,” says Ms. Love. The city envisions a diverse palette of visual and performing arts events.
As Palm Coast flourishes, Ms. Love believes the artistic blueprint must evolve accordingly. “Our growth should be complemented by a rich tapestry of art that caters to all sections of the community,” she adds.
Ms. Love’s expertise spans over three decades in the insurance sector, where she championed transformational strategies, operations management, and efficient processes. Her seasoned perspective promises to guide United We Art through Palm Coast and Flagler County’s artistic evolution.
PCAF, over the past two decades, has been a champion of artistic endeavors. From hosting the Jacksonville Symphony, curating the Palm Coast Arts Festival, to pioneering Shakespeare in the Park and Violectric, its legacy is well-established.
Some notable milestones from PCAF include the Creative Bazaar Arts & Crafts market, 17 Turtle dedications, and a plethora of family-centric musical events.
In collaboration with the city and The Arts District Advisory Group, United We Art has charted a phased strategic blueprint. Initially, the focus will be on amplifying the existing PCAF infrastructure, transitioning it into a city venue, complete with a permanent roofing solution and an expansive parking area.
Ms. Love assures that while immediate plans are set, the long-term vision remains adaptive, always pivoting to the community’s evolving needs.