2023 Parks & Recreation Master Plan Approved

The Palm Coast City Council took a significant step forward in its commitment to providing residents and visitors with a high quality of life by approving the 2023 Parks & Recreation Master Plan.
The City of Palm Coast has long prioritized the development and continued upkeep of public parks, open spaces, trails, greenways, and recreational facilities to contribute to the overall well-being of its community. Recognizing the importance of this goal, in December 2022, the City of Palm Coast collaborated with Flagler County Government and BerryDunn, a firm specializing in comprehensive parks master planning, to work towards a countywide approach to strategically map out the future of parks and recreation throughout Flagler County. The initiative was branded POP: Planning Our Parks.
The development process of the Master Plan was extensive and inclusive, involving an active public engagement program. This program featured discussions with various recreational facilities user groups, City Council and staff interviews, public forums, citizen surveys, an interactive social pinpoint website, and a Geo-Referenced Amenities Standards Process (GRASP) analysis combining GIS mapping with onsite reviews of parks, trails, and recreation facilities.
The Parks & Recreation Master Plan has laid out four overarching goals, each serving as a strategic pillar guiding the comprehensive development and enhancement of the City of Palm Coast and Flagler County’s parks and recreational offerings. Goal 1 emphasizes the imperative to invest in current infrastructure and address aging facilities, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of existing assets. Goal 2 aims to elevate the quality and reach of programming and outreach initiatives, enriching the community’s engagement with recreational activities. Goal 3 underscores the need for streamlined and improved organizational operations, fostering greater efficiency in delivering services. Lastly, Goal 4 centers on increasing financial opportunities to support the ambitious vision outlined in the Master Plan.
Acknowledging the pivotal role of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan in advancing these efforts, the NEFRC and the National Park Service have committed to providing invaluable technical assistance to elevate the trail experience throughout Flagler County. Furthermore, they are actively involved in identifying potential funding sources to bring the ambitious goals outlined in the Master Plan to fruition. This collaborative and forward-thinking approach underscores the commitment to not only envisioning but actively realizing a more accessible, interconnected, and enriching parks and recreation system for the residents and visitors of Flagler County.
The adoption of this Master Plan aligns with the City’s Imagine 2050 initiative, the comprehensive plan update that is currently underway. The vision emphasizes creating a unique and vibrant city recognized for its exceptional quality of life, attractive job opportunities, diversified housing, and superbly designed commercial areas.