All Palm Coast Surveys Must Go Through City Council After Danko Objects to Gender Question

Ed Danko, District 1 representative on the Palm Coast City Council, successfully lobbied on Tuesday for a new policy which would create greater scrutiny on survey questions released by the city and county governments. His objection came in response to a question about gender identity on a parks and recreation survey, which he described as “woke indoctrination.”
Danko promised on his Facebook ahead of Tuesday’s City Council business meeting that he’d be making an effort to prevent further questions like the one in question. The vast majority of the survey asked residents for feedback about the city’s network of parks and amenities, as well as their priorities for future additions. A few questions toward the end gathered demographic information about participants. Along with gender, the survey gave optional questions about age, marital status, voter registration, pet ownership, home ownership, disability status, race, and gross income. The first question in this portion of the survey asks residents their gender identity.
As with the rest of the questions on the survey, participants have the option of whether or not to provide a response. Still, Danko was incensed that it had been offered at all. “This is nothing more than woke indoctrination to me, and it needs to stop,” Danko said. “I will never embrace this insane liberal wokeness. — Chris Gollon