Begin Again Home Goods Provides Fresh Starts

Begin Again Home Goods is a non-profit organization and thrift store with the aim to add the “Merry” to everyone’s Christmas. They strive to improve the average quality of life in the Flagler community by bringing comfort and joy to those who need it most. It works with Christmas Come True, both founded by Nadine King.
Since arriving in Flagler County, Nadine King has only wanted to give back. Originally from New Hampshire, Nadine’s work experience includes retail for twenty years in Virginia and managing restaurants. She moved to Flagler Beach when her husband retired from the Navy, 26 years ago. They had owned a condo here and Nadine fell in love with the area the minute they drove over the bridge.
Nadine began giving back to her new home in 2009. The recession was relentless, and Nadine’s upbringing demanded she help her neighbors. Both of her parents had been involved in the Lion’s Club in her hometown. They had fronted plays that hosted fundraisers every year. Helping the community was instilled in her early on and has never left. She brought this energy with her to Flagler.
Not satisfied with only helping during Christmas time, Nadine has also started a thrift store, five years ago, called Begin Again Home Goods. Meant for families in need of a fresh start, Nadine invites donations of furniture, bedding, whatever anyone can spare, so anyone in need can start over. Since its founding, it has helped more than 1500 families and 4200 children in Flagler County.
“We start over. That sofa was in one home, now it’s starting over in another. We help people get to a higher level of peace and comfort in their home. Every child should have a bed, a pillow, and bedding. Too many don’t.”
This charity is located in Bunnell, on Moody Blvd. All donations and profits made through the store go into Nadine’s other nonprofit, Christmas Come True. The thrift store prioritizes providing furniture and home essentials to those in need.
If there is someone who lost their home, or rushed away from an unsafe environment, Begin Again Home Goods is ready to give what it can. Flagler County has a long list of nonprofits that are growing more every year.
Log on to their website,, for more information. Options include “adopting” a child’s wishes, or a family’s for the holiday season, so the child has a present to open on Christmas morning. Donating a Publix gift card ensures a family can have a holiday meal. Whatever can be donated will make another person’s life just a little bit better. Even volunteering your time to wrap the gifts goes a long way in giving back.