“Being Green” was Palm Coast’s Goal From The Beginning

Palm Coast has always been “Green.” International Telephone and Telegraph stated its commitment to protecting the environment in its earliest planning documents. Dr. Norman Young, the first President of ITT’s Community Development Corporation included an Environmental Statement in the corporation’s promotional materials in the early 1970’s.
He stated, “We will have what is best for man in his environment… including abundant recreation for the full leisure life…The only restriction within this community will be those placed on pollutive elements…We don’t want to impress you with its enormous size but fulfill you with its promise, stimulate you with its content and nurture your inner well-being with its clean air, pure water, soothing sounds and aesthetic beauty.”
A headline in The Cleveland Press in December 1971, where Young had traveled to open its 13th land sales office, went as far as declaring that ITT had plans to build a “Utopian” City in Florida. Despite population projections as high as 750,000 Young ironically warned against the dangers of high density, declaring its accompanying friction and tensions among residents as a “psycho-social pollution.” He stated that “automobiles will be discouraged within the area” and projected that “bicycling and electric mini-buses will be substituted.”
The City of Palm Coast, incorporated December 31,1999, began celebrating “Being Green” with an Arbor Day event in 2006. This year the day long festival will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 9 AM — 1 PM in Town Center. Admission is Free and includes a tree-give-away, butterfly release, live entertainment, petting zoo and numerous other activities. For details visit www.palmcoast.gov. For more information on Palm Coast history and PCHS events go to www.palmcoasthistory.org.