Boss Ladies Become Bold Ladies In Business

Celebrating their third anniversary on June 20, 2023, Boss Ladies International hosted a multi-chapter celebration at the Elks Lodge in Palm Coast with a “Big, Bold & Beautiful” theme.
Formally introducing the refined structure of the organization, which has applied for nonprofit status to better serve the community, executive director and founder Ana Reyes-Ouzts unveiled the new name to kick off the evening’s program with great fanfare.
Going from the more common term “Boss Ladies” to “Bold Ladies In Business,” the new title more accurately reflects and aligns with the organization’s mission and goals.
Comprised of professional businesswomen who focus on networking and referrals through genuine ‘coffee connections’ and relationship building, the organization has also become a reliable champion for philanthropic causes throughout the region, spearheaded by co-founder and fundraising division director Alina Perry-Smith.
The celebration focused on strengthening existing connections and creating new opportunities as members from the various chapters mixed and mingled throughout the evening.
The organization has continued to evolve since the first meeting in Reyes-Ouzts’ living room three years ago, expanding more rapidly than anticipated, as she and her team have continued to bolster the confidence and provide a platform of support for women in business.
“I’ve learned that you have to shift, you have to pivot, and you have to have a different plan of action,” said Reyes-Ouzts. “We’re winning. All our strategies, our plan, is to build a solid team of warriors. Champions have a playbook. We are going to go bigger than you can imagine. There’s not time to be thinking small and having small mindsets. We are leaders.”