City Council Approves Five Year Pavement Plan

During the February 13th City Council workshop meeting, Palm Coast unveiled its strategic plan for road maintenance, following extensive collaboration with Transmap, a leading provider of support services to the transportation industry. Guided by the direction of the City Council, this comprehensive plan is tailored to prioritize critical aspects of roadway upkeep, all while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
The initiative focuses on rehabilitating major roadways through milling and resurfacing, aimed at delivering a refreshed, smooth surface. Simultaneously, crews will conduct thorough assessments to identify and address significant issues such as deep cracks or potholes. This proactive approach upholds a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 73 over five years. Moreover, local residential roads will benefit from global treatments, leveraging surplus funds from the primary maintenance efforts.
A roadmap has been also crafted for the next five years, outlining the scheduled resurfacing of various main roadways and residential streets. This plan will undergo annual revisions to align with actual costs, bids, and revenue updates. To consolidate projects based on market dynamics and cost projections, flexibility will be exercised, enhancing operational efficiency.
Despite an average annual revenue projection of $3.7 million over the next five years, there remains a substantial yearly deficit of over $4 million for pavement management, highlighting the need for careful resource allocation. To address this, the City Council approved a $1 million piggyback contract with Hernando County, Florida, and Asphalt Paving Systems Inc., enabling micro-surfacing on selected roadways. Additionally, the Council deferred certain items and increased fund allocations, but this won’t fully sustain roadway maintenance long-term, given anticipated cost increases.
The City has created a preliminary list of twenty roads scheduled for resurfacing over the next five years. This list will be revised annually to reflect actual bids, project costs, and revenue updates. Projects may be grouped together in a single year depending on market conditions and cost estimates. The current list of roadways included in the Pavement Management Plan are as follows:

Bannbury Lane
Banner Lane
Barley Lane
Fairchild Lane
Fairhill Lane
Lamar Lane
Lamoyne Lane
Langdon Drive
Lansing Lane
Pilgrim Drive
Pillar Lane
Pillory Lane
Plainview Drive
Plateau Lane
Plateau Place
Pleasant Lane
Plum Tree Place
Porpoise Lane
Porwyn Lane
Ranch Way
Ranshire Lane
Ranwood Lane
Rivera Lane
Riverina Drive
Riviere Lane
Woodhollow Lane
Woodholme Lane
Woodward Lane
Woodworth Drive