City of Palm Coast Celebrates Water Conservation Month

The City of Palm Coast Utility Department is excited to announce the celebration of Water Conservation Month throughout April. With a focus on environmental sustainability and saving money, the city urges residents to join in conserving water resources.

Conserving water is crucial not only for protecting our environment but also for significantly reducing utility bills. By adopting simple yet effective water-saving practices, residents can play a vital role in preserving our natural resources while cutting down on monthly expenses.

To support this initiative, the City of Palm Coast has revamped its Water Tips page, offering residents even more comprehensive guidance on water conservation strategies. The updated page includes valuable information on leak detection and prevention techniques, empowering residents to effectively control their water usage.

The updated Water Tips page now offers practical suggestions for conserving water at home, including fun ideas like two playlists featuring songs in under four minutes. These playlists are designed to promote shorter showers, a simple change that can greatly reduce water usage. Additionally, the page includes a dedicated section to help residents understand their utility bills. This understanding is crucial for residents to effectively monitor their water consumption. To support this, the City of Palm Coast provides resources to assist residents in interpreting their bills and spotting opportunities for conservation.

Deputy Director of Utility Peter Roussell emphasized the significance of Water Conservation Month, stating, “This is an important time for our community to come together and positively impact our environment. By taking simple steps to reduce water usage, we can protect our natural resources and lower utility bills.” He highlighted that, “The updated Water Tips page provides residents with practical suggestions for conserving water at home, including fun ideas like playlists featuring songs under four minutes to promote shorter showers. These simple changes can greatly reduce water usage. We hope everyone will do their part during Water Conservation Month.”

Residents are encouraged to visit for more information on water conservation techniques.