City of Palm Coast Enters Phase 2 of the Imagine 2050 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Palm Coast is excited to announce the start of Phase 2 for the Imagine 2050 comprehensive plan update, marking a significant milestone in shaping the city’s future.

A comprehensive plan is essentially a roadmap that guides the future growth and development of a community. It’s like a big-picture plan that outlines where new homes, businesses, parks, roads, and other essential city components should go and how they should all fit together. Think of it as a blueprint for building a better Palm Coast that meets the needs and desires of its residents, both now and for generations to come.

During Phase 1, which was the community outreach phase, we engaged with residents, stakeholders, and community leaders from October 2023 through February 2024 to gather valuable insights and perspectives. Based on this collaborative effort and the input from the community members, we have developed a draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles that reflect the aspirations and priorities of our diverse community.

Now, as we move into Phase 2, we are eager to hear from our residents once again. Your feedback is crucial in refining and finalizing the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles that will guide the development of our city for years to come.

The draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles are now available for review and feedback on the City of Palm Coast’s interactive website at We invite everyone to visit the website and share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

“This is an exciting time for Palm Coast as we continue to work together to shape our future,” said Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin. “The Imagine 2050 Comprehensive Plan Update is a community-driven initiative, and your input is essential in ensuring that it accurately reflects the values and aspirations of our residents.”

To provide your feedback on the draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles, please visit and utilize the interactive project website. The feedback period will be open for several weeks.

Together, let’s imagine and create a future that we can all be proud of!