Comedy At Madcaps

Madcaps Comedy Club welcomes its audience with a literal red-carpet treatment and velvet rope stanchions. Its original location is down in New Smyrna beach, but Palm Coast is lucky enough to be home to its second location. Held in the City Market Place at 160 Cypress Parkway, across from Winn Dixie, it is an intimate venue that encourages audience interaction. Running the club is owner Adam Lowery, the host is Helmut Wyzisk and a small team of elite drink servers are quick with orders while never taking away from the experience.
It does not stop at excellent customer service. Madcaps offer comedic opportunities for anyone despite how far along into their career. Their website offers slots for major headliners, to open mic nights for locals who might want to try their hand at comedy.
The performers who graced the stage at the end of August were Helmut (also a comedian), Jacksonville native Loic Adjevi, and headliner Myke Herlihy. Each of them presented a welcoming and friendly demeanor for the appreciative audience.
Opener Loic is a Master’s graduate in Speech Pathology at the University of North Florida. Much like any comedian, he uses his personal experiences with this expertise into jokes unique to his perception.
Example: a classmate from Korea learning Japanese…in Florida.
The headliner, Myke, is the self-proclaimed loveable jerk. Having traveled across the country for performances, his set offers the familiar “Florida is crazy” humor that always hits home, as well as a bevy of parental humor being the father of two boys.
Both performers offer a positive experience to the venue. Having had the chance to speak with them after the show, their humor extends to their friendliness and humility off stage. Be sure to log on to the Madcaps website and see who the next performer visiting our little town will be.
— James Moore
Madcaps Comedy Club, City Marketplace, 160 Cypress Point Pkwy, 386-957-3205