Comedy In Palm Coast

Just so you know, comedy is alive and well in Palm Coast. After attending a sold-out show on September 17, produced by CristyB Comedy, in the Hilton Garden Hotel, we can make this statement unequivocally. After struggling through pandemic restrictions for over a year, Cristy B, a comedian in her own right (she opened the show on the 17th), is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
And if the crowd reaction to the show on this night is any indication, people are ready to laugh again. The three comedians on the bill, which was headlined by Jimmy JJ Walker (that’s right, from the TV show Good Times), all delivered.
The laughs were plentiful, the language was clean and the audience seemed to really enjoy themselves. Don’t get me wrong. This was not a Disney show. They weren’t any f-bombs going off but the topics were racy. They were just presented, by all three of them, in a very clever way that got the point across without hammering you over the head. We were actually quite impressed by this and it seemed as if the audience was to.
We didn’t poll any audience members after the show but it would be a safe bet to assume that most, if not all, of them would turn up at another Cristy B production.
She hopes to be doing a show at the Hilton every month going forward and has Michael Winslow from Police Academy fame appearing on October 15th.
You can check out details about all of her shows on Facebook at Cristy B Comedy or on her website at If you go to a show we doubt you’ll be disappointed.