Family Life Center Provides A Safe Haven

As part of our continuing series on non-profit organizations in our area, we’re writing about the Family Life Center, located in Bunnell, and formed in 1987 for the purpose of providing temporary refuge to any adult and any accompanying minor or dependent adult among other related functions.
The mission of the Family Life Center is to provide essential support services to individuals and families to end domestic violence and sexual violence in Flagler County. And in addition to the purpose above, the center also is committed:

  • To provide temporary refuge to any adult and any accompanying minor or dependent adult.
    • To educate the community on the issues of violence in our society.
    • To publicize the availability of the services of the corporation to the public.
    •To maintain a commitment to break the cycle of violence that is perpetuated from generation to generation by maintaining an Outreach Program for children.
    Basically, the Family Life Center is a private not-for-profit social service organization providing no-cost services to individuals and families experiencing domestic or sexual violence. They are committed to meeting the needs of the community and recognizing the specific challenges faced by those in rural areas of Flagler County.
    The Family Life Center strives to create an environment of safe and harmonious co-existence among families residing within its facility and throughout the Flagler County community, while providing an empowerment-based model of help that is self-directed by the survivor.
    Family Life Center Outreach and Administrative offices are open 9 AM-5 PM, Monday through Friday. As always, Advocates are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault via the Crisis Helpline. Also, at this time, Family Life Center is only accepting donations of unopened paper products, cleaning supplies, diapers, formula, other food items and gift cards. Please call 386-437-7747 to make drop-off arrangements for these items, or order from the Amazon needs list at to have the items delivered directly to them.