Flagler County Orchid Society Auction

The Flagler County Orchid Society annual auction held on September 22 was well attended and very successful. The plants that were sold were from eight different classifications of orchids. Some were species (as they grow in nature) and others were hybrids. All plants had blooms or bloom spikes where the flowers develop.
The funds from the sale are used for speakers for the club meetings and other administrative costs.
Cattleyas, shown here, often known as the “Corsage Orchid,” is the Queen of Orchids. Hundreds of hybrids exist in a wide range of colors, but it is their fragrance that brings us coming back for more.
There are several ways to kill an orchid. To list just a few: too much sun, too extreme a temperature, and too much fertilizers. But the most common is still too much water. Cattleyas have pseudobulbs that store water. They need to thoroughly dry out between watering. When in doubt, wait a day or two. Resist the temptation to overwater. We know; we’ve done it too.
So, you have a Cattleya you have not burned, overfed or overwatered. We congratulate you. It’s finished blooming and now you need to repot. We can help with that. It does not have to be a workshop. You may bring your orchid to any meeting. Members of the Flagler County Orchid Society will kindly show you how.
There will be no meeting in November due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The next meeting will be held January 27, 2023.
Visitors and new members are always welcome. For more information contact Jeanne at 386-931-3156 or Faith at 386-264-4715.