Garden Club Propagates Junior Clubs at Schools

The Garden Club at Palm Coast is pleased to announce the creation of two new Junior Garden clubs. It was spearheaded by Margie Brady, who says she wanted to start a junior garden club to combine her love of children and gardening. It also promotes one of the club’s objectives which is to encourage interests in all phases of horticulture and to promote education among youth. She is joined by several fabulous volunteers.
Rymfire Elementary in Palm Coast needed help to continue their current butterfly garden. The school is dedicated to this butterfly project and uses the garden for school tours to teach other pupils why butterflies are so important.
The Junior Garden club at Palm Coast has worked hard this past school year to restore and enhance the butterfly garden previously started at Rymfire as a school project. This garden is for all the students and staff at Rymfire. It was designed as a peaceful place to come and be part of nature.
The garden has a variety of host plants where butterflies lay their eggs, nectar plants which provide food for the butterflies and native plants.
Belle Terre Elementary in Palm Coast needed help with starting a vegetable garden, to coordinate with their already successful hydroponic garden. In addition, they wanted a small butterfly garden and small cactus and succulent garden. We have access to an indoor science lab so we will be starting many plants from seeds.
One of our fabulous volunteers, Kenetha, says that being new to Florida, she thought it would be fun to learn about how things grow along with the kids. Kids have a way of looking at things with a different perspective and she is sure they will teach her.
She added that it is important that they know where their food comes from and how to get it from garden to table. The vegetable garden was very successful. Butterflies came to the garden and the children loved being outdoors. They also got to eat carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, greens, and herbs.
If you can volunteer for either project, please contact Margie Brady at and leave your name, phone number and email contact.
If you would like to donate to our club mention it’s for Junior Garden Club and send check made out to The Garden Club at Palm Coast, P.O. Box 352153, Palm Coast, FL 32135-2153. Any donations are greatly appreciated.
Any school or community wanting more information on how to get started, just email Margie Brady at our club email above.