Garden Of The Month: The April selection from the Garden Club at Palm Coast

Carlos and Lucia Sousa of Eric Drive are the Garden Club at Palm Coast’s April selection for Garden of the Month. Their landscaping starts with the driveway with terra cotta landscape edging and red rocks with several Schefflera bushes planted on both sides. Inside the beds on both sides are several bird of paradise, Hawaiian Ti, red crown of thorns, Phoenix roebelenii, Chinese ixora, red camelia, purple vinca, mountain snow cap, Schefflera, persimmon fruit and a tangerine tree.
The front door area is flanked by two decorative pots with rubber trees. Along the side of the house are several 6-foot dragon fruit trees, mountain snow cap and Schefflera. The back yard has 25 different fruit trees: olive, several varieties of orange and tangerines, which have fruit on them, apple, avocado, lemon, fig, bananas, peach, plum, pear, loquat and kumquats.