Health & Wellness: Choosing the Change that Creates Wellness

With plenty of talk about how our thoughts can impact our wellness, even with a deep dive, one could study this for a lifetime and not change their happiness factor unless they have some practical ideas to use in everyday life. Fortunately for us, many researchers and energy adventurers have chimed in on this topic to give us plenty of breadcrumbs to play with.
One of the pioneers of gathering information on the science behind the energy of wellness, Dr. Joe Dispenza, explains that “starting at birth, you’re trained to keep your attention on matter and not on energy. You are conditioned into believing you need your senses to experience reality; in other words if you don’t see, hear, feel, smell, touch or taste something, it doesn’t exist. Because of this, the majority of people place most of their attention on matter….while taking very little time to put their attention on energy, information and the wave” in his book Becoming Supernatural.
Knowing that, what are some ideas for shifting and changing how we have been conditioned in this way? Let’s explore some now, and you can choose!

  • Be Willing to Break the Habit of Being Who You Have Been. Have you noticed how past thoughts, feelings and emotions can run your life on autopilot? As Dr Joe Dispenza explains in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, “if 95% of who we are by age 35 is a set of involuntary programs, memorized behaviors, and habitual emotional reactions, it follows that 95 percent of our day, we are unconscious.
    We only appear to be awake. Yikes!” So, it starts with being an observer of YOU. Are you reliving past stories? When you notice your thoughts, feelings and emotions coming up – ask questions: What conscious thought can I replace it with? Who does it belong to? Is it even mine?
  • Let Go of Judging Yourself and Others. This is one of the primary ways we let go of being present and aware. In his telecall and book, Projections, Expectations, Separations Judgments & Rejections, Gary Douglas, explains “If you have no points of view and no projections, expectations, separations, judgments or rejections, you can be aware of everything and change pretty much anything.” For example, it has been shown that it can be easier to lose weight when you don’t judge your body, but instead be aware of your body and become intimate with what it requires.
  • Put Your Attention on What You Desire. Most of us have heard by now that what we put our attention on expands. In the book, Being You, Changing the World, Dr. Dain Heer says, “It’s your choice, not your upbringing, that creates your reality.”
    Yes, we have a choice. So, if our attention is on a stressful factor in our world, it may bring more of that. If you find your attention is on a something stressful or a past story that is not empowering you anymore, what can you now create that is more joyful for you? Can you reframe that story as a lesson of awareness?
  • Create Gratitude as a Super Power! Did you know that gratitude can reduce stress, depression and even chronic pain? In his article, The Top 10 Scientific Benefits of Gratitude, Matt O’Grady describes “It turns out, feeling grateful isn’t just a self-help cliché. The practice of gratitude actually produces myriad mind blowing benefits that extend from our psychological to physiological well-being….Gratitude has an almost magical ability to boost our own self esteem and sense of self worth. That’s because it takes us out of a scarcity mindset, where we never feel like we have enough.” Some people set an alarm on their phone to make sure they take time to put their attention on what they are grateful for. What can you be grateful for today?

For more information on these topics, Cathleen Connor CFMW, Flagler Beach Wellness Coach and Bio-energetic Bodyworker, can be reached at and her website at