History: A Look at Some of the The Everyday Heroes Among Us

Heroes. They look like you and me. They are you and me.
Today, it seems, our society has been redefined in so many ways. The waves and layers of opinions, ideas, and changes keep coming without excuse or sometimes reason.
It’s time for a hero. And for sure it’s a good time to hold onto the good and encourage those qualities that have taken us through wars, economic downturns, natural disasters, inept politicians, illness, and the daily heartbreak of life. Hope and belief in the future are two thoughts that come to mind.
The one thing that we do well is celebrate heroes. I’m grateful we now realize that heroes come in all sizes, shapes, colors, types, and backgrounds. Surely, honoring our everyday heroes in the EMS, law enforcement, military, and medical professions salutes and appreciates their sacrifices and bravery. Every time I hear the siren go off or read the news, I’m grateful for our everyday heroes. However, there are many people who quietly make a difference to someone every day.
The son taking care of his dying mother, the people who bring sunshine into the room with their happy spirit, the restaurant owner who quietly feeds the poor, those who donate to the sick, or the children who demonstrate the highest character and bravery as they battle cancer. Those that leave a legacy of grace and are so quietly good they influence those around them are heroes too.
The point, of course, is that there is good all around us and we should pay more attention to it.
They are the everyday heroes among us that continue to do the right thing. They don’t seek recognition but only to share understanding, kindness, sacrifice, and respect. More of that in the world would be a good thing. It all begins with you and me. Who are your heroes?