Homeowners Corner: Tips on how to protect and maintain the exterior of your home

Is your exterior making your house look old? Do you want your home to look appealing all the time? If yes, this is what I recommend. It might help to know that most things you do to the exterior might not cost you much, but their overall impact will be significant.

Check the paint

If there is something that can protect your exterior, it is making sure that painted surfaces remain painted. If the paint is peeling, fading, molding, blistering, or otherwise, you want to stay ahead of it. First, make sure you are using the right paint grade for the exterior. Also, make sure you are following the correct painting procedures for the exterior, such as surface preparation and applying undercoats and sealers.

Declutter the exterior

If there are things all over the place, your exterior will always look unkempt and disorganized.
Declutter the place. If some of the old furniture or appliances are no longer needed, donate or sell them. If not, ensure you have storage space for them. Anything that cannot be kept safely in a storage area or neatly around the compound should be removed. Notice that decluttering has more benefits than just making your exteriors beautiful. It also ensures no hiding places for rodents, bugs, lizards, and other animals.

Clean gutters

Did you know that gutters fail more often than they are reliable? Now you know. Whenever gutters fail, they expose your home to water and mold damage. Checking the gutters periodically is imperative, especially when you want to keep your exterior in pristine conditions.
If you don’t want stains on your sidings or damage near the home’s foundation, check on your gutters. Check if they are fitted correctly, remove debris buildup, and ensure that the water flow is smooth. While looking at the gutters, inspect your roofing. Check for missing, damaged, or visibly worn-out shingles.

Trim trees and live fences

Adhere to the tree planting guidelines for your yard to ensure that the trees are not too close to your house. Also, plant the right type of trees and plants. Trim trees and hedges to ensure that only healthy trees and branches are left. Dead or dying branches can be a hazard. Whenever there are wind, storms, or precipitation, the branches will fall, potentially destroying the lawn, fence, and even the house itself.

Refinish the exteriors

Inspect the exteriors of your house, including windows, doors, sidings, deck, basement windows, and roofs periodically. You want to ensure that there are no gaps, holes, blockages on vents, or any other problems. Examine the caulk, weather stripping, and seal on the windows and doors. Check the integrity of the paint for all the painted areas, such as the fascia and soffit.
Remove mildew on the sidings. The moldy green on your sidings is not a sign of aging boards, it is mildew and can colonize your exterior. Wash the mildew. Be careful while at it; wear the right protective gear, such as gloves and a face mask. Do not overdo the household bleach while cleaning. One part bleach for every 4 parts water is the ideal mixture for mold cleaning. The bleach will prevent the mold from reoccurring immediately after washing.

Maintain and clean the driveways and walkways

Repair craacks on the concrete as soon as possible. Cracks tend to get worse over time. This is because of the constant contraction and expansion of the concrete. Repairing the concrete ensures that the walkways are safe and beautiful.
Wash the driveways regularly. Dirt and debris will collect over time staining the driveway, and making it unattractive. Pressure washing it once in a while revitalizes its colors, giving it a fresh new look.
Many other tips will ensure that your compound and curbs look attractive such as maintaining your picket fences and lawn care. All you have to do is to be a conscious homeowner. Keep a maintenance checklist, and your home will forever stay new.
— Omar Rivera