Homeowners Directory 2024

Welcome to our third annual Homeowner’s Issue. The purpose of this issue is to give our readers an opportunity to meet some of the most reliable businesses in Palm Coast when it comes to home repairs, renovations or any other type of services that you may need for your house as well as give you some basic information on home repairs in general.
We haven’t covered every single type of service that you might require because we’d have to print a lot more pages but the 16 businesses on the following pages can handle most of the most common types of work you may need done, although we are deficient when it comes to electricians, plumbers and carpenters. We just haven’t done enough research in these fields yet to feel comfortable recommending any vendors.
Also, you can rest assured that the vendors that we’re introducing you are, in fact, reliable and trustworthy. The reason for this is that we know all of the owners of these businesses personally and are aware of their track records in the area.
And the reason that we call them reliable is that we’re sure they’re going to answer their phones, get back to you when they need to and basically follow up on anything else they tell you. And while answering the phone and calling back may seem like things you’d take for granted that’s not necessarily the case anymore. We’ve heard many stories from residents in the area decrying the lack of professionalism that people encounter here. When they’re trying to locate vendors or suppliers in many fields.
That’s why we feel completely confident in recommending that you trust your project to any of these people. Does this mean that nothing will EVER go wrong? No. But if it does you can be confident that these business owners have the integrity and professionalism to correct any problems and leave you happy at the end. And that’s what customer service is really all about: satisfied customers.
Are these the only reputable home repair or maintenance businesses in Palm Coast? No, of course not. We just aren’t sure of who else lives up to the standards that we know these people do. So our advice is to do whatever due diligence you would normally do when it comes to choosing a vendor but just know that if you don’t feel completely comfortable with other vendors that the people on the following pages will take care of you.
Thanks for reading and good luck with any home projects you may be taking on in the near future to improve your home and property.