Joe’s NY Pizza & Pasta Serves Up A Slice of The Big Apple

If you like pizza, as many people do, you’ll find no shortage of places in Palm Coast to try this form of cuisine. And not only can you find plenty of pizza places, there are also a number of places that bill themselves as having New York style pizza, a particular variant that we are more fond of than other types.
What makes a pizza New York-style? In our opinion it’s mostly the thinness of the crust although some sources also say that less sauce is typically used on a NY pie. This may be true but for us it’s the thin crust that gives NY pizza it’s most distinctive difference, especially when compared to other area’s pizzas.
The thick crusts found in Chicago and Detroit, for instance, are examples of just too much dough. After a couple of slices of these pizzas we’re pretty much done.
So where do you eat good New York pizza in Palm Coast? We’ve tried a few so far but our most recent stop impressed us the most. This was at Joe’s New York Pizza & Pasta on Palm Coast Parkway.
Our resident pizza expert dining companion of ours proclaimed that it was very good based on her long previous experience of ordering from Joe’s. And we proclaimed that the rest of the food that we tried was also good.
You’re not going to go here to try some cutting edge styles or exotic ingredients. Rather, everything here is pretty basic, with dishes that you’ve seen at many other Italian eateries in whatever state you left to come here.
But that’s a good thing here because the dishes they served to us on our visit were all well-executed and tasty and also reasonably priced. Value for money is an important factor to consider when we write about any restaurant since in our experience (as former restaurant owners) it could be the one thing that people remember the most about any restaurant.
Huge portion sizes alone are not a guarantee of value for money since the food has to taste great also. Neither is a problem here as everything we ordered was done well, starting with the bruschetta appetizer to the spaghetti and meatballs and sausage and peppers with pasta. And, of course, the pizza passed with flying colors.
With it’s homey decor and friendly service, Joe’s offered us a good dining experience that didn’t cost too much and satisfied our Italian food desires. You can’t ask for much more than that these days so you may want to check it out.
Joe’s New York Pizza & Pasta, 386-445-1650