Kids Rock The Nation Brings Music To Kids

In March 2022, Congress raised a flag in honor of the organization, Kids Rock the Nation. Certified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2014, Kids Rock the Nation has successfully donated approximately 1,500 instruments to children and schools, including guitars, drums, violins, and more. And what started this program was an act of kindness.
Founder Anthony Kleppe, aka Anthony Wild, has been active in the music community since he was a child in Wisconsin. Moving to Florida in 1994, he performed in clubs, festivals, and concerts as a blues musician. Eighteen years ago, Anthony was diagnosed with cancer. As much as he loves being a musician, there was no medical insurance to help him combat his illness.
Be it a stroke of luck, or something more merciful, a doctor agreed to treat Anthony. Feeling free and wanting to give back for this miracle, the doctor asked Anthony to do one thing: give back with music.
The first act was gifting a guitar to the daughter of Vinny the Printer, here in Palm Coast. Anthony continued this act of gifting instruments and music lessons to all who needed them. Eventually he accumulated a team and the 501(c)(3) nonprofit rating.
Kids Rock the Nation started in Central Florida, continuing to gift instruments. Children who have cancer, those who experienced abuse and neglect, as well as children on the autism spectrum all benefited from this group. Before long, they were reaching out to schools to facilitate music programs and classes.
“Music is good for the brain,” Anthony says. “And these kids got enough going on. The music helps them gain confidence. They think ‘If I learned this instrument, what else can I do?’”
The organization grew further, reaching out to the rest of the nation and beyond. Towns in Canada, the Caribbean, Guatemala, and as far as the Philippines have hosted Kids Rock the Nation programs. And the list of supporters is growing. Local businesses in Daytona have given support. So have the Grammy Awards and other musicians like George Thorogood and his Bo Diddly Foundation.
“I think God put me on a path,” Anthony says. Because of the kindness he received at the lowest point of his life, Anthony is not slowing down in giving back. The next phase for Kids Rock the Nation is a central location somewhere in Central Florida. With this first location, children can attend classes. These courses will focus on both playing instruments and comprehension in the business aspect of the music industry. All of this will be free.
Anyone interested in supporting this cause can find more information at Thousands of lives affected because one man received help and wanted to give back. And he ain’t done yet.
— James Moore