Louis Is Now Turtle #16 On The Palm Coast Turtle Trail

The Palm Coast Arts Foundation unveiled, Louis, turtle #16 on the public art Turtle Trail, on Saturday, January 22 at 2:00 PM at the community of Beach Haven at 25 Beach Haven Parkway (off AIA, at their community pool) in Palm Coast. Sponsored by residents of the Beach Haven community, Louis is our first musically inspired turtle on the Trail.
Project coordinator for the Beach Haven community, Yvette Alleman stated “Louis is truly a tribute to the area in which we live and love.”
“What a Wonderful World took on a whole new meaning by the great American jazz trumpeter, Louis Armstrong as we as a society have been faced with such global obstacles” stated Nancy Crouch, Executive Director of The Palm Coast Arts Foundation. “Coming together as a community to experience the joyful and often times, whimsical role these turtle sculptures have provided Flagler County as a way in which to commemorate art, education, and history, is truly an honor” she added.
Created by artist, Bob Teller, who also painted Turtle #10 Nancy Marie (at the Palm Harbor Golf Course), inspiration from Louis came from his love of life and music. He states “With Louis, I have endeavored to create images conjured by the lyrics of What a Wonderful World into a composition that is colorful, playful and poignant.
“These convey a simple message yet are the true and relevant reasons why residents of Flagler County and Beach Haven in particular, have moved to this community and have remained here. The song is a true celebration of life.”
Watch for news of more turtles to be hatched on the Turtle Trail in the coming months. Discover all the public art turtles on the Turtle Trail at www.palmcoastartsfoundation.com/the-turtle-trail.