Palm Coast Community Center Introduces New Support Group for Visually Impaired

The City of Palm Coast’s Community Center will continue its new programming trend in 2023 with the newest addition to its roster – a support group designed specifically for the visually impaired, starting January 31.
Nearly 20 million Americans live with some form of visual impairment, and the condition continues to be of the leading causes of loss of independence among people over 65. With this in mind, the new support group aims to be not only a place of encouragement and support but also a respite from the isolation and difficulty that can often come with living with a visual impairment.
“It can be challenging dealing with the day-to-day challenges that having a visual condition brings, so we are very thankful to have a place to address the goals we have for residents with visual impairment, including transportation, access to the braille library, companionship, support, and mobility training,” said group co-leader Ellen Pugner. “Visual impairment affects many residents here in Palm Coast, so we are happy to offer this program where we are hopefully able to address their needs as well as a place for support from other members of the community that endure the same challenges,” added Community Center Supervisor Carrie Todd.
The visually impaired support group is set to begin next Tuesday, January 31, at 11 am. Meetings will occur on the last Tuesday of every month, and new participants are free to join the group anytime. To register for the program, call the Palm Coast Community Center at (386) 986-2323