Palm Coast People: Dr. Alvin B. Jackson is still being a leader

Every day could be “another great day” for Palm Coast resident Dr. Alvin B. Jackson, Jr. He practices the principals of positive thinking and bringing inspiration to others in his daily life.
Jackson is an accomplished leader who has more than 39 years of experience working on economic development and workforce initiatives in municipal and state agencies. He is also an experienced preacher who “blends spiritually-based leadership principles and personal experiences” to help others grow spiritually.
“Individuals should experience your leadership self and walk away with a positive transforming experience,” said Jackson. “If that doesn’t happen, then my leadership is not really leadership.”
Jackson’s book, “It is Another Great Day. An Inspiring Guide to Effective Leadership,” which was published in 2009, emphasizes strategies for enhancing leadership qualities and the importance of a positive outlook.
“In the book, I wanted individuals to experience who I really am — my energy, my sense of excitement, my positive thinking — and how individuals should feel about themselves and how to deliberately develop skillsets to be an effective leader and to develop an attitude and a spirit of becoming an effective leader,” said Jackson. “Because for me, the bottom line for leadership is about touching the lives of people and making a difference.”
Jackson relies on his extensive work experience and dynamic leadership skills in his role as City Manager for the city of Bunnell, Fla.
Bringing his belief in positive thinking into his work life, he created a vision board several years ago. The vision board was a list of projects to benefit the community. All the projects on the board are now funded.
“It’s about keeping your eye on the vision,” said Jackson. “You have to stay focused and believe in the end product.”
However, Jackson emphasized that he is part of a team, and he credits his team for the success they have achieved.
“I have a dynamic team,” said Jackson. “It’s not just me. It’s the team that we have here that is working in unison, working together. I am just the cheerleader. They are the creators, visionaries. They are the leaders in the community.”
Some of the funded projects include the construction of a new administration/police department complex; construction of Flagler Commerce Parkway; expansion of the Bunnell wastewater treatment plant; restoration of the historic Coquina City Hall; the installation of an updated city-wide camera system; the creation of a business incentive program; and the mass rezoning of annexed property from county to city zoning.
The Flagler Commerce Parkway project has been in the works since 2002. In partnership with Flagler County, the city is moving forward with construction. The parkway will connect U.S. 1 and S.R. 100. Construction is expected to commence in fall 2023 and should be complete in approximately 24 months.
Jackson and his wife relocated to Palm Coast in 2018. She fell in love with the community after they attended an economic development conference at Hammock Dunes.
Jackson earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. He earned his Master of Ministry and Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Thomas Brown Bible College in Jacksonville, Fla.
Jackson has a proven track record of creating affordable housing. In the early 90s, he helped establish an affordable housing non-profit organization in Lake County. He said today’s market is reminiscent of the housing market in the early 90s. However, he recognizes the differences and the increased cost of materials.
Therefore, he is looking for creative ways to create affordable housing. The draft plan involves reducing density requirements and deferring impact fees. He also noted that Governor DeSantis passed the Live Local Act in March 2023, which addresses affordable housing.
“We could not be successful if we did not have a dynamic mayor, vice mayor and commission that has vision,” said Jackson. “And, they are most definitely strategic when it comes to creating a world-class community. I always want them, the team, and my elected officials to know I am very, very grateful to be a part of their efforts. And I’m thankful for the support that they give me so that we can be successful. As I always say in my closing, Bunnell is transforming into the best little city in the world.”
“I have been just really blessed to be able to, for 39 years, to actually practice in the field that I actually studied, which is exciting,” said Jackson.