Palm Coast People: Hometown Girl Promotes the City of Palm Coast

She’s a year into her job as the City of Palm Coast Director of Public Information and Engagement and Brittany Kershaw still thinks it is her dream job.
“It is really cool to be able to tell the story of the city that we live in,” Kershaw told the Palm Coast Magazine, noting that she enjoys being “in-the-know” regarding the area’s development.
With 11 different departments within city government, Kershaw’s job promoting the city’s activities and work to the community at large encompasses knowing how to get the information for just about anything the city does.
“I think I am finally getting a handle on the different departments and the key people within those departments to stay in touch with regarding city business,” Kershaw said. “It definitely is a huge organization with a lot of moving parts. I am thankful for a long introductory period.”
Kershaw has known Palm Coast for several decades. She was age four when her family moved here. Her father was in construction. She grew up in Palm Coast and went to college in Tampa. She didn’t intend to return, but life had other plans.
Her husband, Blake Kershaw, opened a business in Palm Coast. Now he also works for the city. Blake is employed in the city’s information technology department.
So, do they ride to work together? Well, no, Brittany says with a chuckle. “I am often here later than he is,” she said.
The couple have two children: A daughter, age 12, and a son, who is nine.
As a family, they enjoy the beaches, hiking the area’s trail system and playing board games such as the Game of Life, Jenga, Monopoly and Scrabble, Brittany said.
Her kids are big fans of Holland Park. “It has an incredible playground,” Brittany said.
On her own, she enjoys running. It gives her time to clear her head, she said.
She’s run several 5K events and recently she ran her first half marathon. It was the Tomoka Marathon in Ormond Beach and she loved it.
“So, I ran the half,” Brittany said. “The course is so beautiful. Very nature-driven. You run by the water and down these tree-lined roads. It was definitely an escape for me,” and then she added, “And I finished vertical.”
When her family isn’t enjoying the area’s great outdoors, Brittany said they are busy being “foodies.”
“We love going from restaurant to restaurant to try out all the new dishes,” she said. “With summer approaching, there is always something new to try.”
One of her favorite spots is the Brown Dog in the St. Joe’s Plaza.
“I feel like it is still a hidden gem even though it has been there for about five years now,” she said. “They have the most insane burgers you will ever have in your life. Their burger-of-the-month is always this crazy concoction and always having local beers on tap is great.”
Kershaw looks at the future and growth of Palm Coast with excitement.
“A lot of people are coming here. A lot of businesses are looking to come here. There is a lot on the horizon,” she said. “We still have that small town feel. With a smart growth mentality, we can keep that. We don’t have to become a Jacksonville or an Orlando. We can strike a balance.”
— Amy Armstrong