QR Code Use Growing in Popularity

You’ve undoubtedly seen QR codes all over the place in your everyday life and you maybe a regular user of them. If you are, you may not need to read this article. If you’re not that familiar with them and aren’t sure of what they do, then please read on.
In either case, QR codes are here to stay and are gaining in popularity and usage. We have been using them in this magazine for over a year now and they have been steadily producing more and more scans each issue. In the last 90 days, for example, the number of scans made from QR codes in our pages has gone up 174% in the last 90 days.
How do you scan a QR code. Now you can simply point most phones at a code such as the one at left and the phone will display a URL. When you touch that URL you are taken to a web page. When I first started using QR codes I downloaded a QR code reader from the Google Play Store. iPhone users that have an iPhone 11 or later can automatically scan codes without a QR reader. My current Samsung phone, an A13, also automatically scans QR codes so I don’t have to use the QR reader software that I downloaded for free over a year ago. So if your phone doesn’t scan codes automatically just download one of the free apps and you’ll be all set.
If you want to see if your phone can scan codes then try scanning the code on this page. If it works you’ll be taken to our web page that offers subscriptions to the magazine. And while you’re there, please feel free to subscribe. We can use the money. Seriously, though, if you have any questions just do a Google search and you’ll find lots of information to help you. In the meantime, please keep reading… and scanning.