Texas Roadhouse Has The Steaks, Seriously

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t call itself a steakhouse per se, since there are a lot of other items on the menu including ribs, seafood and chicken, but make no mistake — this is a place to get great steaks.
A couple of recent visits confirmed this as we tasted the best steak we’ve had in several years here at the Palm Coast location. And they have a good selection too, with sizes for every appetite and taste.
We sampled the 20-ounce bone-in ribeye and the 23-ounce porterhouse, both of which were plenty big enough for people with moderate appetites. Big eaters will handle these by themselves but with an Onion Blossom appetizer and a couple of sides, these steaks were fine for two of us.
On the other end of the size spectrum is the Dallas Filet, a 6- or 8-ounce portion. And in between are several other sizes of sirloin and ribeyes along with a prime rib portion that comes in several sizes as well. If you’re a steak lover you’ll almost certainly be able find something that’s perfect for you just like we did. And one welcome feature that all of these steaks share is their reasonable prices. You won’t break the bank coming here as you will with some other high-end steak places.
And of course there are many other items on the menu too, as mentioned above, that will satisfy anyone who doesn’t eat beef.
There are a number of appetizers to try but we’ve never gotten past the Cactus Blossom (left), a Texas-sized onion that’s deep-fried and served with a Cajun horseradish sauce and is totally addictive.
They also offer combo dishes that pair either chicken or shrimp with different steaks or their barbecued ribs. In the Country Dinners category they serve country-fried sirloin, pulled pork, grilled pork chops and beef tips.
Sandwiches make it onto the menu with three different burgers, two types of chicken sandwiches and pulled pork.
There are many other items to try also, including some good looking salads and tempting desserts.
But if steak is your thing, give Texas Roadhouse a try. You won’t leave hungry.
Texas Roadhouse, 1298 Palm Coast Pkwy, SW (by Winn-Dixie), 386-302-4983