The Net By George Delivers The Goods

We headed to the beach last month to find some good fried seafood, something we’ve missed since we left Maine 18 months ago. Following the advice of a couple of friends, we visited The Net By George on Route A1A a ways south from the Flagler Beach pier and we’re glad we did.
This is a no-frills kind of establishment where the emphasis appears to be concentrated solely on the food and nothing else. The non-descript interior looks as if it evolved into its present state without any kind of plan but it was comfortable and the little alcove area we were seated in was just a bit secluded and off the beaten path.
Our waiter appeared to be harried all night and we wondered if he was working alone but we couldn’t see the main dining area so we weren’t sure. Whatever the case, he made a great effort to give us good service, succeeding most of the time.
The kitchen did its job too, sending us dishes that were well executed and in a relatively timely manner. We came here primarily for the fried seafood, although there are a number of other options on the menu, but it was the food coming out of the fryers that we were on a mission to try this night.
Our favorite seafood restaurant in Maine was even more utilitarian than George’s place, with paper plates, plastic utensils and oilskin cloths covering picnic tables that were communal.
So we felt like we were in the lap of luxury here and the important part was that the food satisfied us just as much as it did all those years ago. A seafood platter in 1977 cost $7.75 and was heaped with scallops, clams, shrimp and haddock. Not sure what it is today, even though we stopped there on our drive down to Florida a year and half ago, but it’s obviously considerably more.
George’s portion and price was definitely a good deal and the seafood itself seemed fresh and was certainly well-cooked. For us to be happy with a seafood place like this, those are the only boxes that need to be checked. When we come back it will be for the same food we ate on our first visit.
And we can honestly say that this is the first restaurant we’ve been to since we moved to this area that we felt like we had to go back and get a dish again. I think, personally, that that’s the best indicator of a restaurant’s value.
Now don’t think that there’s only seafood here because George offers a lot of other items as well, like the linguine with clams you see on this page. Okay, clams are seafood but there are several other pasta dishes as well as dishes like liver and onions, a strip steak, a couple of chicken dishes and a number of Early Bird specials from 4-6 PM that are even more reasonably priced than the rest of the menu. There’s more to say about the menu but not much space left so you’ll have to check out their website to learn more. Or just go to The Net and start eating like we did.
In the most challenging time restaurant owners have seen in quite a while, The Net By George is serving good food and delivering good value to its customers and that’s something to take note of.
The Net By George, 1916 S. Route A1A, Flagler Beach, 386-338-3258.