What If There Were No Historical Society?

What would happen if we didn’t collect, share and archive our history? Would we remember? Would our children know how to define a hero? History is about old gadgets, farm tools, roads that have been paved over and leaders who are no longer with us. But it is also our culture, our collective being, our heritage. It is about all of us, not one of us. It reflects who we were and who we have become. History is important. Learn as much as you can and share it. Clockwise from left: a 1976 bicentennial celebration; a 2005 Palm Coast birthday celebration; Chief Beadle handing over the reins to Chief Forte in 2018; Shirley Chisholm, who lived in Palm Coast, unbought and unbossed; at the unveiling of the City History mural honoring past mayor John Netts, in 2022.